Christine Wilks

digital writer, artist, developer & practice-based researcher... @crissxross

Creative Works

Writing New Body Worlds

An interactive digital fiction for body image bibliotherapy. This is an international research-creation project with the participation of a group of young women and non-binary individuals from diverse backgrounds. We aim to address body dissatisfaction, which is so prevalent it has become the norm.

Stitched Up

An interactive psychological thriller, featuring a 'Dude' rather than a 'Damsel' in distress. Sarah's husband, Joel, has disappeared but she refuses to believe he's left her. Alone and desperate, she goes in search of him. Meanwhile, Joel is held prisoner in a dark place, subjected to the twisted interrogations of his female captor.

Inkubus inkubus

A first-person 3D video-game and coming-of-age story about a contemporary teenage girl. She’s connected, clued-in and canny but what lurks in the deepest darkest regions beyond the screen?

Made in collaboration with Andy Campbell.

Underbelly underbelly

An award-winning playable story about a woman sculptor, carving on the site of a former colliery in the north of England. As she carves, she is disturbed by a medley of voices, some from the site's dark industrial past, and the player/reader is plunged into an underworld of repressed fears and desires.

2010, originally created in FlashView
Fitting the Pattern fitting-the-pattern

Cutting through memories, pinning down facts, stitching fabrications, unpicking the past - an interactive, animated memoir, exploring aspects of my relationship with my dressmaking mother.

2008, originally created in FlashView
Tailspin tailspin

An interactive story about a grandfather, his daughter and her children. The old man's Tinnitus and partial deafness is a source of friction yet he stubbornly refuses to contemplate treatment or hearing aids. The daughter is hurt and mystified by his angry reactions, but the key to his behaviour lies deep in the past.

2008, originally created in FlashView
Rememori rememori

A poignant memory game and playable poem. The title, 'Rememori', is a conflation of the words, remember, memory and memento mori. Through multiple levels, the player grapples with the effects of degenerative dementia on an intimate circle of characters.

2011, originally created in FlashView
Out of Touch outoftouch

In our world of perpetual connectivity, touching interfaces that keep us out of reach, we form attachments whilst remaining detached, by turns kindling and dampening emotions. 'Out of Touch' includes a suite of animated and interactive digital poems for the web and live performance.

2011, originally created in FlashView
A crissxross trail < R3M1XW0RX crissxross-trail-remixworx

Conceived as a poetic interactive infographic full of multimedia animated content, this 'scenic route' through Remixworx presents a sample trail of 33 of my remixes with personal commentary. Remixworx was an online collaborative creative project and this trail represents about one third of the remixes I created for it.

2012, HTML & video (originally included Flash)View
R3M1XW0RX remixworx

Remixworx was a collaborative creative space for remixing visual poetry, e-poetry, playable media, animation, art, music, spoken word, texts and more. Initiated by Randy Adams (1951-2014) in 2006, it grew to number more than 500 individual creative works. I was an active member from 2007 to 2013 and contributed more than 100 works, mainly in Flash.

In collaboration with the R3M1XW0RX collective.

Upside Down Chandelier upsidedown-chandelier

A digital installation by an international group of women artists responding to the idea of repurposing during our residency at DIG Gallery in a former Slovak tobacco factory which had employed mostly women. (Web version shown here.)

Made in collaboration with María Mencía, Jeneen Naji and Zuzana Husárová.

2013/2014, originally created in FlashView
A Revolution of Words revolutionwords

This interactive work invites you to 'Spin the Revolution' and thus a play on words becomes a game of chance where meaning is at stake. Give it a spin and see which dictum, watchword, slogan, epigram, mantra, motto, pitch, patter or spiel fortune favours for you!

My last collaboration with Randy Adams (1951-2014).


Dark musings on the artist's muse. A poetic multimedia work in which I repurpose a series of disturbing images I made as a young art student, giving both the artist and her muse a voice.

2005, originally created in FlashView
We Drank

An animated digital poem with my own ambient music.

2005, originally created in FlashView

An animated poem with my own ambient music based on my experience of visiting Gaudi's 'Sagrada Familia' in Barcelona some years before.

2006, originally created in FlashView
Social Dis-Ease

My first digital poem created in Flash where I begin to explore some possibilities of animating text and using sound.

2004, originally created in FlashView
Sitting Pretty (aka Before We Begin)

This interactive and whimisical 'Hypertext' was my first creative work for the web, combining text, image and sound.