Out of Touch

In our world of perpetual connectivity, touching interfaces that keep us out of reach, we form attachments whilst remaining detached, by turns kindling and dampening emotions. A triptych of animated and interactive digital poems for the web and live performance.

Here's a video screen recording of Out of Touch. I created the original work in Flash but the web has discontinued support for Flash.

Out of Touch (the original piece) was commissioned by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for the Third Hand Plays series, curated by Brian Kim Stefans, published at SFMOMA’s Open Space in Summer 2011. In the original Flash poem, the text randomly generated so every viewing was a unique experience.

I/O Out of Touch

After making the original Out of Touch piece for Open Space, I developed the ideas further, in Out of Hand and Out of Sight, to create a collection of playable media for live digital performance.

Out of Sight

Touching interfaces that keep us out of reach yet perpetually connected and forever desiring…

Out of Hand

Out of Hand references the disclosures of Edward Snowden that came to light in 2013.

Publications, exhibitions & performances

Some of the places where Out of Touch has been published, exhibited or performed: