In collaboration with the Remixworx collective.

Remixworx (aka R3M1XW0RX) was a collaborative creative space for remixing visual poetry, e-poetry, playable media, animation, art, music, spoken word, texts and more. Initiated by Randy Adams (1951-2014) in 2006, it grew to number more than 500 individual creative works. I was an active member from 2007 to 2013 and contributed more than 100 works, mainly in Flash.

You can see some of the some of the remixes I created in my crissxross trail < Remixworx or visit the archived site

Remixworx is a tribute to the creativity, generosity and unique spirit of Randy Adams, aka runran, (1951-2014).

Publications, exhibitions & performances

Some of the places where Remixworx has been published, exhibited or performed: