From 2007 to 2013 I was an active member of Remixworx, a collaborative creative project for remixing multimedia digital art, animation and writing. I created more than 100 remixes, the vast majority in Flash. Since the Flash Player is no longer available in most browsers, I have made video screencasts of most of my remixes.

A crissxross trail < R3M1XW0RX crissxross-trail-remixworx

Conceived as a poetic interactive infographic full of multimedia animated content, this 'scenic route' through Remixworx presents a sample trail of 33 of my remixes with personal commentary. Remixworx was an online collaborative creative project and this trail represents about one third of the remixes I created for it.

2012, HTML & video (originally included Flash)View
R3M1XW0RX remixworx

Remixworx was a collaborative creative space for remixing visual poetry, e-poetry, playable media, animation, art, music, spoken word, texts and more. Initiated by Randy Adams (1951-2014) in 2006, it grew to number more than 500 individual creative works. I was an active member from 2007 to 2013 and contributed more than 100 works, mainly in Flash.

In collaboration with the R3M1XW0RX collective.

Upside Down Chandelier upsidedown-chandelier

A digital installation by an international group of women artists responding to the idea of repurposing during our residency at DIG Gallery in a former Slovak tobacco factory which had employed mostly women. (Web version shown here.)

Made in collaboration with María Mencía, Jeneen Naji and Zuzana Husárová.

2013/2014, originally created in FlashView
A Revolution of Words revolutionwords

This interactive work invites you to 'Spin the Revolution' and thus a play on words becomes a game of chance where meaning is at stake. Give it a spin and see which dictum, watchword, slogan, epigram, mantra, motto, pitch, patter or spiel fortune favours for you!

My last collaboration with Randy Adams (1951-2014).