Archive of early 'Moving Pix' works

Here are my first forays into creating digital art and writing for the web. Most were created in Flash. Since the Flash Player is no longer available in most browsers, I have made video screencasts of the Flash works.


Dark musings on the artist's muse. A poetic multimedia work in which I repurpose a series of disturbing images I made as a young art student, giving both the artist and her muse a voice.

2005, originally created in FlashView
We Drank

An animated digital poem with my own ambient music.

2005, originally created in FlashView

An animated poem with my own ambient music based on my experience of visiting Gaudi's 'Sagrada Familia' in Barcelona some years before.

2006, originally created in FlashView
Social Dis-Ease

My first digital poem created in Flash where I begin to explore some possibilities of animating text and using sound.

2004, originally created in FlashView
Before We Begin

This interactive and whimisical 'Hypertext' was my first creative work for the web, combining text, image and sound.