Electronic Literature Archive

Digital fictions, video-games, interactive narratives, digital poetry/e-poetry, playable stories... collectively, these are works of electronic literature (e-lit). I created most of them in Flash. Since the Flash Player is no longer available in most browsers, I have made video screencasts of the Flash works.

Inkubus inkubus

A first-person 3D video-game and coming-of-age story about a contemporary teenage girl. She’s connected, clued-in and canny but what lurks in the deepest darkest regions beyond the screen?

Made in collaboration with Andy Campbell.

Underbelly underbelly

An award-winning playable story about a woman sculptor, carving on the site of a former colliery in the north of England. As she carves, she is disturbed by a medley of voices, some from the site's dark industrial past, and the player/reader is plunged into an underworld of repressed fears and desires.

2010, originally created in FlashView
Fitting the Pattern fitting-the-pattern

Cutting through memories, pinning down facts, stitching fabrications, unpicking the past - an interactive, animated memoir, exploring aspects of my relationship with my dressmaking mother.

2008, originally created in FlashView
Tailspin tailspin

An interactive story about a grandfather, his daughter and her children. The old man's Tinnitus and partial deafness is a source of friction yet he stubbornly refuses to contemplate treatment or hearing aids. The daughter is hurt and mystified by his angry reactions, but the key to his behaviour lies deep in the past.

2008, originally created in FlashView
Rememori rememori

A poignant memory game and playable poem. The title, 'Rememori', is a conflation of the words, remember, memory and memento mori. Through multiple levels, the player grapples with the effects of degenerative dementia on an intimate circle of characters.

2011, originally created in FlashView
Out of Touch outoftouch

In our world of perpetual connectivity, touching interfaces that keep us out of reach, we form attachments whilst remaining detached, by turns kindling and dampening emotions. 'Out of Touch' includes a suite of animated and interactive digital poems for the web and live performance.

2011, originally created in FlashView