Stitched Up

A psychological thriller story-game

work in progress by Christine Wilks

An interactive narrative, featuring a 'Dude' rather than a 'Damsel' in distress. Sarah's husband, Joel, has disappeared but she refuses to believe he has left her. Alone and desperate, she goes in search of him and is relieved when she meets a new friend who offers help. At last, someone to confide in! Meanwhile, Joel is held prisoner in a dark place, subjected to the twisted interrogations of his female captor. Can he convince her to release him? Will Sarah find him before it's too late? Will their faith in one another, sorely put to the test, hold out?

The reader-player experiences the interactive narrative through the first-person perspectives of both Sarah and Joel, and has to make decisions on their behalf. The choices they make will dramatically affect the outcome of the story.

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