Creative Projects

Digital fiction, interactive storytelling, video-games... Here are projects that I'm currently working on and other creations not made in Flash (see my Flash E-Lit Archive for those).

Writing New Body Worlds

An interactive digital fiction for body image bibliotherapy. This is an international research-creation project with the participation of a group of young women and non-binary individuals from diverse backgrounds. We aim to address body dissatisfaction, which is so prevalent it has become the norm.

Stitched Up

An interactive psychological thriller, featuring a 'Dude' rather than a 'Damsel' in distress. Sarah's husband, Joel, has disappeared but she refuses to believe he's left her. Alone and desperate, she goes in search of him. Meanwhile, Joel is held prisoner in a dark place, subjected to the twisted interrogations of his female captor.

Inkubus inkubus

A first-person 3D video-game and coming-of-age story about a contemporary teenage girl. She’s connected, clued-in and canny but what lurks in the deepest darkest regions beyond the screen?

Made in collaboration with Andy Campbell.