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The New River publishes Rememori

Founded in 1996, The New River is a biannual journal devoted exclusively to digital writing and art. I’m delighted that the Spring 2012 issue, just published, includes Rememori, my “game that is an experience in lyrical prose,” which New River also describes as:

An eerie twist to a child’s matching game puts the reader in the minds and hearts of both the Alzheimer’s patient and his fading loved ones.

The four works in this issue “were chosen for their duality” and in her note from the editor, Khalilah Boone goes on to say:

Developed to entertain and make the reader think deeply, the creative works we’re presenting invite the reader to ponder the origins of scholarship, question definitions of human identity, reflect upon who we are as patients or relatives of the ill, and carefully ruminate on the nature of our cultural belonging.

The other works are by Eric Lemay, F.J Bergman and Nanette Wylde.

Out of Touch in Mad Hatters’ Review

The new “explosive” issue of Mad Hatters’ Review is a wonderful and fitting tribute to its late founding editor, Carol Novack. This issue of the annual online multimedia magazine is bursting with marvellous “poetry, fiction, art, multimedia and genre-benders” from around 100 international contributors and I’m delighted to say that my work, Out of Touch, features in the multimedia section.

Underbelly in Studies in the Maternal

Award-winning Underbelly featured in Studies in the Maternal, Volume 3, Issue 2Special Issue: Motherhood, Servitude and the Delegation of Care

In this special issue of Studies in the Maternal, Kate Pullinger reviews Underbelly, which won the MaMSIE Digital Media Competition last year:

‘Underbelly’ is a highly original work that makes great use of the multimedia potential provided by computers. It blends text, sound effects, voiceover, archive drawings, and photographs to create a rich meditation on reproductive rights and dilemmas in both twenty-first century, and nineteenth century England.

I first met Christine Wilks when she was a student on a MA in Creative Writing and New Media that I helped run. She began working on ‘Underbelly’ for her MA thesis, and I’ve been fascinated to watch the work develop since that time. It was clear then that Christine was creating something extraordinary, an important work in the newly emerging field of digital fiction, one that shines a light on a little known part of the history of the mining industry, while illuminating a contemporary story of a woman artist at the same time.

Studies in the Maternal is an international, peer-reviewed, scholarly online journal. In addtition to the papers and reviews (listed below), this special issue also includes visual media art, on the theme of Maternal Subjectivities, Care and Labour, and Kate Pullinger writing about her novel, The Mistress of Nothing.


Third Hand Plays: Out Of Touch

Out of Touch is my new work commissioned by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for Third Hand Plays, a series about electronic literature curated and discussed by Brian Kim Stefans for the SFMOMA blog.

In his article, Stefans draws a comparison between Out of Touch and  “a very early piece of internet poetry by the graphic designer Juliet Martin called ‘oooxxxooo,’ …which took as its subject the apparently desperate need of the artist-protagonist for the computer to ameliorate her loneliness.” About my piece, he goes on to say:

Her use of video, particularly the manipulations that reduce reality to iconic or cartoon-like (which I read as linguistic) simplicity, accentuates some of the horror at the base of this piece, which has a quasi-Expressionist element — I can’t help but see echoes of “The Scream” in here, or perhaps, with a very different valence in relation to time and experience (it doesn’t happen in Wilks’s piece), the blurred faces in the work of Christian Boltanski.

Making Out of Touch

Despite my background in film-making and scriptwriting, I rarely set out with a written script, storyboard or a wireframe design, a blueprint that I execute. I start with a collection (or network) of ideas that I want to explore. Then I experiment; manipulating text, code, images, sounds, video fx, animation, narrative elements… until something meaningful emerges.  To me, it seems a very hands-on, even tactile approach, like that of a sculptor or collage artist – although what is there to actually touch? A keyboard, a mouse, a digital drawing tablet. It’s a far cry from handling messy art materials or tussling with camera, tripod, lights on location and reels of celluloid in the cutting room. And yet there’s a strong sense of the haptic in what I do. This preoccupation with touch and its absence is a recurring feature in my work – e.g. the handiwork of the dressmaker in Fitting the Pattern and the sculptor in Underbelly – so I find it interesting that, in relation to Out of Touch, Stefans describes Juliet Martin’s oooxxxooo piece as “linguistic sculpture.” It also highlights how digital synaesthesia is a key expressive quality of digital media arts. And while I’m on the subject of cross-wiring… from crissxross to R3/\/\1X\/\/0RX and more xxxooo…

More Third Hand Plays

See my last post for a list of the previously published works of e-literature in the Third Hand Plays series and Brian Stefan’s accompanying articles. Also keep checking the SFMOMA blog throughout August for more posts in the series.

Third Hand Plays @ SFMOMA

New Electronic Literature series at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Blog

San Francisco Museum of Modern ArtThroughout July and August, e-lit author and poet, Brian Kim Stefans is guest-editing a column for the SFMOMA Blog, entitled Third Hand Plays, “describing concepts that can be used to understand and appreciate the varied and inchoate meta-genre known as ‘digital literature.'” To accompany his series of articles, Brian has commissioned a suite of new works of e-literature fron nine digital artist/writers worldwide – Jason Nelson, David Clark, Erik Loyer, Alan Bigelow, Jhave, Alison Clifford, Christine Wilks, Benjamin Moreno Ortiz, and joerg piringer. Yes, I’m thrilled, that’s me included “among the best of the digital writers out there.” My new piece, Out Of Touch, will published by SFMOMA shortly.

Here are links to the articles by Brian Stefans and the splendid new works of e-lit that have been published so far:

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Third Hand Plays: “Scrape Scraperteeth” by Jason Nelson

Third Hand Plays: The Comedy of Subjection

Third Hand Plays: “Repeat After Me” by joerg piringer

Third Hand Plays: The Comedy of Dysfunction

Third Hand Plays: “Something” and “Telescopio” by Benjamin R. Moreno Ortiz

Third Hand Plays: The Comedy of Reduction