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Interview about IntraVenus


Female Icons: it’s not the gaze but the looks is a fascinating project by De Geuzen: a foundation for multi-visual research, that explores what makes a woman an icon through a rich variety of means, including workshops, streaming lectures, online data collecting and new media works on view such as She… by Renee Turner and my own IntraVenus.

In December 2007 Renee interviewed me about IntraVenus for the Female Icons archive. I reproduce it here:

The Interview

Renee Turner: Can you give me a little background on IntraVenus, meaning what your impetus was to make the work?

Christine Wilks: I created the images some time ago when I was a young art student. At the time I felt somewhat overwhelmed by the predominance of the female nude throughout art history and felt the pressure of this archetypal image (exacerbated by being taught by an almost entirely male staff) was interfering with my ability to visualise myself as a practising artist. I wanted to explore this, to get inside the image and challenge it directly with my own body. I was quite surprised when the images turned out to look so violent, the way my body looked so battered and bruised. It was disturbing, but all the more fitting since my self-image as an artist was bruised. Continue reading Interview about IntraVenus

IntraVenus & Female Icons

Female Icons: it’s not the gaze, but the look

Recently Renee Turner interviewed me about IntraVenus, one of my short Flash moving pix, for De Geuzen’s fascinating Female Icons site which explores what makes a woman an icon.

From the Virgin Mary, to Marilyn Monroe, to Madonna, a select group of women have been canonized, mythologized and elevated to the status of icon.

Whether idolized or vilified, they reveal something about the social underpinnings of the feminine in all its clichés, perversities and conventions.

IntraVenus at De Geuzen’s Female Icons site and the Female Icons Impersonator

There’s a wonderful wealth of material on the site and many ways to contribute. One of my favourite elements of the project is the Female Icons Impersonator. Go to the Flickr page and add your own. I found it such fun, I also animated mine: used to be big

used to be big

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we had faces and nice moves, it’s the pictures that got small

for remix_runran – me as Gloria Swanson playing Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard for dgeuzen’s Female Icon Impersonator

flash source: i_am_big_.fla

note: if you’re on a page with clinking sounds, scroll up to necked and click on the bottles to turn off