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botty training

This movie requires Flash Player 8

remixed for: R3/\/\1X\/\/0RX – from: plumbing diagnostics, 1 million sheep, Tailspin

flash source: bottytrainingFl8.fla (339kb) – if you want to remix this, you may want to download and install TweenMax (AS2), a great tweening engine for Flash.


for R3/\/\1X\/\/0RX code from: ode to XL5
source: punctuate2fl8.fla (45kb)

source: commasJigglefl8.fla (34kb)

pen pusher blue

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when push comes to shove, pick up the pen

for R3/\/\1X\/\/0RX from: sacrificial pen pusher + ode to XL5 + forgotten techniques + stamen.com/projects/splatter
flash source: penpusherblue_fl8.fla (52.5kb)

sacrificial pen pusher

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writing’s easy… all you do is stare at the blank space until your forehead bleeds
or… push the pen

for the remix, from: forgotten techniques words by runran + ode to XL5 + stamen.com/projects/splatter
related to: pen pusher blue
flash source: penpusherred_fl8.fla (53.5kb)

coming soon…

…to a remix near you

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touch any < remix > for a sneak preview

for the remix, related to: [to be] + announced
actionscript from: movieclip tweening prototypes > “sofake” page engine
flash source: remixsoonfl8.fla (262.5 kb)