soma suture

Screenshot of soma suture
Screenshot of soma suture – click to play

my last remix of 2012

an animated e-poem created in Flash
click to play -> soma suture

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Truck :: n. a self-propelled vehicle for carrying goods is a blog exhibiting a cornucopia of digital art, e-lit, net art, animations, writing and poetry by a wide range of artists and writers. A few weeks ago Erik Rzepka, Truck’s curator for the month of December, invited me to contribute something. So I created soma suture, which I remixed from Turning Away Toward + rawVamp + some texts from various posts at Truck in December. As a remix, soma suture also appears at R3/\/\1X\/\/0RX (a little differently).

Today is New Year’s Eve so soma suture is obviously my last remix of 2012 but it may also be the last remix I create in Flash. I love working in Flash but I’d like to create e-lit for all kinds of screens and devices, including mobile. So… Do I feel a New Year’s Resolution coming on?… WTF!… Yes… I resolve to make future remixes in JavaScript and HTML5 in 2013!

Happy New Year!